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World Championships Marathon Start Line just several months after

IPC Athletics member phone call


My grandpa has been a farmer all his life and he say´s that crop planting (it should be compare with the standards criteria) will provide fruits (considered as the athletes) but if we do not make properly a crop planting and we fix standards so high as the one fixed for the maraton Wheelchair división (T54) for man and woman división at last World Championships, We´ll gen an insignificant fruit quantity and quality.

Before Marathon Standards were changed on July 27th 2010 (they were as high that not any man and woman could achieve them), for not lying I´ll say just  three man from France had got by that time the A standard and any woman, but that sad fact appeared to be a satisfactory result for IPC Athletics leaders, of course, several nations began to concern and they were forced to change the standard for a “real one” and you can see this at the IAAF/IPC Athletics stats compare table, where you see that IAAF standard for marathon is such a much easier than for the other events maybe due to they want a big size event with a big number of runners who´ll make more interesting to the public the 42,192Km course and not setting an impossible standard, converting the course in a real desert with a small field and low number of racers…  Why IPC Athletics standards for Marathon were so high?


I will make a deeper analysis of marathon standards, because honestly these lines you will read now are amazing and society must begin to know the darker side of Paralympic Athletics.

Until July 27th 2010 and after pressure from several nations who raised concerns about ridiculous standards for maratón. To get the A standard in woman división for World Championships they needed to finished a marathon in a time of 1h42min… What does 1h42min mean in a world history ranking for woman wheelchair marathon? If we wanna look to world history ranking of marathon or (best ever time) at IPC Athletics web, What do we find?... ANYTHING.


Let´s gona do the same process with the A standard (1h25min) of man wheelchair marathon class T54 for last World Championships celebrated in Christchurch and we will find again… ANYTHING, Sad or deplorable?...

Now let´s gonna do the same process at the IAAF web (International Athletics Federation) and we´ll find not only the world record for marathon in man and woman división, we´ll even can find the continent record ( Africa, America, Europe and Asia).

[caption id="attachment_259" align="aligncenter" width="646" caption="Amanda Mcgrory (USA) was faster marathon woman in 2010 with a time of 1h44´38´´(More than 2 minutes over A standard) "]

This clearly show´s the knowledge and seriously way of work from IAAF members


For all involved in the IPC Athletics leadership there is an awsome website where you will find an update of the World ranking for Wheelchair marathon and not only for T54 class. There is a ranking for every classes.

This is web  from Phd. In chemistry and professor of Linz (Austria) University and a great top class T52 wheelchair racer in the 90´s and right now a Paralympic handbike racer, of course, my good friend Christoph Etzlstorfer ( who has updated this great ranking (I cannot understand how an athlete can have more stats and data for wheelchair marathon than the entity governing the sport)

This to me clearly shows that standards created by IPC Athletics for the Wheelchair marathon before July 27th 2010, was completed without prior knowledge of the events and also clearly without a lack of sufficient data. If IPC Athletics do not believe that this information is trustworthy, please ask yourselves;

How can it be that 19 women in history set a time under 1h42min in the marathon?

Next step you need to disregard those times achieved in Boston because the course isn´t legal considering IAAF rules.

When considering times from the Oita Marathon the drafting is allowed and even it´s a fact that man and woman do drafting without been disqualified (IPC rule) and by the way this rule was also broken at the Beijing Paralympic Games

Considering Oita´s fact there is only 8 woman who ever reached the A standard? My question is simple “what is the common sense of creating an A standard that only eight Woman have ever reached in a wheelchair marathon? I really don´t understand this and I´ve been thinking a lot about it…


div class="mceTemp mceIEcenter">



If apply the same process to the man Wheelchair marathon division (Class T54) we´ll find the same situation. Remember A standard for  the World Championships Marathon was 1h25min and in the World history ranking we will find 35 man who race under 1h25min but we need to deduct the 12 Boston times… So only 23 man in history were under the A standard created for World Championships.

[caption id="attachment_264" align="aligncenter" width="275" caption="Marcel Hug was the fastest wheeler in marathon 2010 with a time of 1h23´28´´(only ten racers were able to achieve the A Standard)"]

Can we compare the A standard created by IPC Athletics for World Championships with the 2010 IAAF World ranking? First of all I will let you know that the best ever eight perfomance for non dissable woman marathon is 2h19min41sec and the twenty third best ever time for non dissable man marathon is 2h05min49sec.


[caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Yoko Shibui is the top eight marathon runner of all times (2h19´41´´)"]

[caption id="attachment_267" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Willian Kipsang hold´s the twenty third best ever marathon time (2h05min49sec)"]

No woman have run in 2h19min41sec in 2010 (Best 2010 time 2h20min25sec Lilia Shobukhova, Russia10/10/10 Chicago) and nine man from just two countries (Kenyan and Ethiopia) run under 2h05min49sec so my clarification regarding this is just simple as this question Do you know that when a decisions is made which are not been taken under statical logic you´re playing with the daily training of so many athletes who won´t attend to World Champs? I´ll even will say somenthing else after see the start line of the woman wheelchair marathon división start, where only four woman took part of it (Diane Roy from Canada and Shelly Woods from UK didn´t start because UK and Canada decided not allow their athletes to be part of an open traffic course which broke the rule 240, page 226-2009 rule book). This rule clearly say´s that every marathon and walking event course will be close to taffic and because we are not in the Western time to act outlaw this countries did great… Anyways you take the license to break rule book rules…and I got impressed by the way...

[caption id="attachment_268" align="aligncenter" width="409" caption="Liliya Shobukova was the 2010 faster marathon runner and with IPC Athletics standards criteria wouldn´t attend World Championships"]

As I was explaining after watching four woman at the World Championships Marathon start line, I can really say you (IPC Athletics guys) don´t really matter what´s going on with my sport because if I see (As I´m sure someone from IPC Athletics did) just six woman in the marathon entry list of a World Championships, the same day I would be calling to all National Paralympic Committees where I know there are a big number of woman racers (Japan, USA, etc..) and I try to explain them I need three woman from every country I contact, forgeting standards or another barriers created by your “excellent” classification criteria… I just define this as a Passive Attitude because more than having the quality for solving problematic situations , first of all you need to be interested  due to you´re worry for the situation so A MARATHON DESERT IS A CONCERN FOR YOU?

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